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Serving Our Community

Project Purpose, a Non Profit 501c3 tax exempt organization solves the issue of lack of resources in the Black community. By promoting mentoring as of right now for young women ages 8-18, educational success and awareness through College scholarships, assisting in Foster care support, and promoting Black economic wealth through our Black Business Archive.

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College Scholarships

Project Purpose aims to invest in our youth in various capacities, one of which is scholarship distribution. We want our students to focus and maintain academic, emotional, and financial stability. We have volunteers ready to support college students in need in various capacities such as, advice & tips pertaining to general knowledge about college, providing students with small bursts of financial support, and even just a listening ear. We want to ensure students have the resources needed to be successful and complete their education.

Annual Grant Timeline: 


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Luggage Drive for Foster Children

Foster children's transitions when they move from one home to another can be rough because most of the time they have to carry their items in trash bags. In order to decrease the amount of foster children in the area who have to use trash bags as luggage, we will be collecting new or gently used luggage bags, suitcases, large purses so foster children have sturdy and reliable packing bags to carry their items. In the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia there are thousands of foster children. Although, in the foster care system we aim to uplift, support, and embrace love to them through this drive. The purpose is to provide an emphasis on their importance as human beings.

Annual Grant Timeline: 

May — June

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Virtual Mentoring for Youth Ages 8-18

We aim to promote a platform containing growth, healthy living, and academic success. Project Purpose displays games, fun, fellowship, and information that helps youth gauge intellectually and socially among their peers. Through our program mentees have the chance to make new friends and attain knowledge from various realms. 

Annual Grant Timeline: 

Rolling enrollment, students are welcome at any time of the year.

Virtual Mentoring

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our mentoring program is on Zoom. However, that does not stop the games, fun, fellowship, and information. We aim to promote a platform containing growth, healthy living, and academic success. 


Virtual Mentoring ages 8-12

Project Purpose’s virtual mentoring ages 8-12 consists of activities, games, and presentations focused on topics pertaining to friendship, confidence, and healthy living.


Second Tuesday of the month at 7 pm



Virtual Mentoring ages 13-18

Project Purpose’s virtual mentoring ages 13-18 is centered around self-care, maturity, and developmental growth as mentees prepare for steps to the adult world. We will conduct interactive activities and will be discussing a wide variety of topics including self-esteem, mental health, and empowerment. Speakers and mentors will be able to answer questions about uncharted areas as mentees might have questions about business ventures, college, and life after high school. 


Second Wednesday of the month at 7 pm


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Plates for the Homeless and Displaced During Thanksgiving & Christmas

We aim to provide a home cooked meal to homeless and displaced citizens during the holidays. More specifically, we aim to serve districts such as Freedom Square in Washington, DC and shelters in Maryland. In the United States, homelessness disproportionately affects African Americans. Specifically in Washington, DC it was reported to be 6,380 homeless citizens in 2020, 86.4% were Black or African American, according to the National Alliance to End Homelessness. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, our goal is to provide a warm meal and spread a little joy during the holidays.

Annual Grant Timeline: 

November - December

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Toy Drive

Project Purpose’s Toy Drive aims to help less fortunate children throughout the DMV area. We want to share our experiences and the joy of Christmas with youth during the holidays. 

Annual Grant Timeline: 

September  3, 2021 - December 23, 2021

Here's How You Can Support Our Programs

Your tax exempt donation to all or at least one of these programs will positively impact someone’s life whether they are a child, teen, or young adult. Project Purpose’s programming is designed to lend a helping hand to anyone in need throughout the various walks of life.

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